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The oligarchic system

Bible Across America recommends this article: The United States is not a state: they are a federation of States. All Member States are oligarchies based on wealth. The hard core of the electorate, the one who directs the fate of the country, is 25-30% that votes in the local elections: […]

The independence

As far as the economy is concerned, New England quickly took on gigantic dimensions. No surprise it is often compared to another great country whose economic growth has been an example for many since forever. We are talking about Australia, the land of koalas and kangaroos with the most stunning […]

Here Come the Puritans

In 1620 came the vanguard of the true founders of American civilization. They, and not the Englishmen of Jamestown who were also the first, are called by the official American iconography the Founding fathers (Founding Fathers). The new settlers called themselves The Pilgrims (pylgrims). Destined by the London company to […]

The colonization of America

The Bible Across America Website recommends you to read this article about the religion in United States. The impulse to undertake the explorations that would lead to the discovery of America came from the fall of the Roman Empire of the east occurred in 1453. Following this, the usual and old […]