Does the Bible say anything about the appearance of these Elohim?

Precise descriptions of the Bible there are none. We know that they were very similar to us, I could say almost the same, because for example, in one of the biblical passages, we talk about the meeting of three of these Elohim with the patriarch Abraham.
The latter stood within his tent and saw these three individuals arrive, which in the Bible are defined as the anasìm plural of isch, which means male individual, therefore, he sees three males coming on their way, tired and dusty. Invites them to stop, wash and rest, before starting the journey again. Immediately the Bible tells us that one of these three was nothing less than Yhaweh. An individual who walked and who needed to wash and rest, in short, as all of us men. Read for more current news about religion.
Yhaweh stops to talk to Abraham while the other two leave and go to Sodoma to warn Abraham’s nephew that something is about to happen.
To answer his question, they were individuals who at sight were immediately identified as belonging to that group, this is very clear, but they were also very similar to us.

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