At this point one wonders why they came right here…

This unfortunately the Bible does not tell us, but other peoples tell us. In the Sumeric tales, it is said that there is a possibility to have come here in search of minerals. The Zulu tales, and here we are in the extreme south of the African continent, tell us the same story, that these people came from the stars to search for gold. Similar things are also told in north and central America and so we can think of it as a plausible hypothesis.

The Bible does not speak of this and focuses rather on telling the relationship between that people and one of them in particular, which we know by the name of Yahweh. However, one interesting thing to emphasize is that, when Yahweh decides to form this people, which in practice did not yet exist, bringing out of the people from Egypt, tells them that before they go out they had to get delivered all the gold possible from their Neighbors and when they arrived in the wilderness, with the help of Moses, makes sure to seize it all.
This tension towards gold is also very evident in the Bible.

Reading the canonical texts for the Coptic Christians, it would seem that the arrival on Earth of these Elohim was a kind of punishment.

One reads that there was a fight in the heavens, then a fight fought at the top, and the rebels were confined in a sort of penal colony, so they could have been sent here and obliged to stay there. This would explain why, once on earth, they made sure to create the ideal environment on which to live for a very long time.

Of the technology you describe seems to be traced in all the ancient traditions of the Earth.

It is exactly so, if it finds trace in all peoples. I am reading now of the books of American authors who make the compendium of the information that you possess to date.
In the mountains of the present China-Tibet border, where tombs containing non-human-sized skulls have been found, a story depicting the fall of a flying object on the stone is engraved, the occupants have not been able to Repair the medium and tried to make friends with the locals but were killed.
Of such tales there are in all the continents of the Earth. If then someone wants to continue to think that they are fables, myths and inventions, can do it, if instead you want to start thinking that the ancients did not have much time to lose, considering that writing was not as simple as it is now, but it cost a lot of effort , hours and hours as well as economic expenditure because we used materials, maybe we assume the awareness that they wanted to tell us the story that they were living and we would realize that we should rewrite the history of mankind.

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