Jews and the founding of the American colonial economy

Another one from the religious news articles: The Jews took a very active part in the founding of all the colonies.
This is perfectly normal, as the new World offered them greater prospects of happiness than the old and bleak Europe.
They are engaged in all kinds of operations in the Dutch possessions of the east. A considerable part of the share capital of the Dutch East India Company was in the hands of the Jews and we also find them among the directors of the East India Company.
From one end to the other, America reveals itself as a Jewish country.
They are extraordinarily involved in the discovery of America: one would say that the new world was discovered only in their honour, with their assistance, that the Colombo were simply the businessmen of Israel.
The Jewish money made possible the first two expeditions of Columbus. The first thanks to the grants provided by the Royal Councillor Luois de Santangel, the true protector of the Columbus Expedition.
Many Jews are boarded on the ship of Columbus and the first European whose feet touch the American soil is a Jew: Luis de Torres.
“But the same Columbus (whose real name would be Cristobal Colon) was recently claimed by the Jews as one of them”. The thriving American economy today owes it very much to Columbus. Columbus is an American symbol, used in many ways, even in games. Use the best Canadian bonus offers of 300 Free Spins with no wagering requirements, and dive into the most adventurous slots games inspired by Columbus.
As soon as the doors of the new world were dislocated from the Europeans, the Jews rushed there en masse. Not by chance, the discovery of America took place the same year that the Jews were expelled from Spain!
The first merchants are Jews and the first industrial establishments in the American colonies were founded by them. By the way, you might be interested in reading a post about the colonization of America.
In the first half of the seventeenth century all the large sugar plantations are in the hands of Jews and we can hardly have any idea of the enormous importance that then assumed the industry and the trade of sugar.
President Roosevelt Speaking of the services rendered by the Jews to the United States: “The Jews have consigned to build the country” and former President Grover Cleveland stated: “Among the nationalities of which the American people are composed there are few-assuming there are -that we have exercised greater influence, direct or indirect, on the formation of modern Americanism “[1]
Jews are witnessing the awakening of the capitalist spirit on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the forests and steppes of the new continent. The 1655 is considered the year of their arrival: A ship laden with Jews from Brazil arrives in Hudson Bay and asks to be admitted to the Dutch West Indies company.
During the seventeenth and seventeenth centuries the “Jewish trade was the source that allowed the national economy of the American colonies to live. Since England forced its colonies to buy manufactured products in the motherland, the trade balance of the colonies always closed in negative. If they had not received from abroad a continuous influx of precious metal, there would have been the decay of the economy. It was just the Jewish trade that flowed from central and southern America to the northern English colonies.
During the entire formation phase of the United States the immigration of the Jews was intense and uninterrupted.
The influence of the Judaic-Dutch high finance overcomes the borders of the country, since during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the Netherlands remains the reservoir that feeds the coffers of all the European sovereigns short of money.
* Werner Sombart (1863-1941), German economist and sociologist, lecturer at the University of Berlin who at the time was one of the most prestigious in the world.

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