Bible Across America

The colonization of America

The Bible Across America Website recommends you to read this article about the religion in United States. The impulse to undertake the explorations that would lead to the discovery of America came from the fall of the Roman Empire of the east occurred in 1453. Following this, the usual and old […]

The Protestant Reformation

The Bible across America Website talks about the emergence of a new mentality in the west, a mentality that is expressed in economic terms with capitalism. The development of private commerce, and related activities, had only created many traders and various entrepreneurs; In other words, so many people are dedicated […]

His statements are strong?

To summarize, he states that from his translations it emerges that Yhaweh, the god on which the Catholic religion is based, is actually a man of flesh and blood, to the point that he has titled one of his books “The Alien God of the Bible.” Of course, also because […]